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The Road to Recovery at The Pavilion at Greenwood Village South

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Greenwood, IN–When Indianapolis-area surgeon Dr. Mathew Libke, MD, scheduled surgery for Mary Stewart in September, to help his patient get back on her feet he also prescribed 30 days of post-operative skilled nursing care and rehabilitative therapy in a transitional care community. The Pavilion at Greenwood Village South became Mary’s one-month home on the Road to Recovery.

Stewart had surgery on a Monday afternoon, September 7, and by Thursday, September 10, she was on a gurney in The Pavilion transport van on her way from Franciscan St. Francis hospital to Greenwood Village South.

“It was a smooth ride. No problems,” says Mary. “But if I’m being perfectly honest, I didn’t want to go to The Pavilion. I was afraid to leave the hospital. However, after I’d spent a day at Greenwood Village, the entire staff won me over. I quickly realized, I was in good hands.”

To hear Mary describe it, her road to recovery was painful, but The Pavilion helped to minimize her discomfort.

“Everyone was so kind and understanding. Practically the minute I pushed my call button—whether I needed a pain pill or a tissue—they were there,” she explains. “The staff was so efficient; I had a hard time distinguishing the nursing assistants from the RNs!” She laughs, “Then I realized the CNAs wore pink uniforms, the RNs were in blue, and the aids were dressed in black and tan.”

Once the patient’s incision had healed enough to get on her feet, Stewart admits that she basically had to learn to walk again. To reach that goal, she had physical therapy daily, including weekends, in the health center. Under the direction of a dedicated physical therapist, the Road to Recovery program focused on building strength and flexibility, plus balance training.

“I had occupational therapy sessions too. In the occupational therapy practice kitchen, I baked cookies—chocolate chip. Very good,” she says. “And my ‘OT’ helped me practice getting clothes in and out of the washer and dryer. Bending over. Reaching in.”

The goal of the occupational therapy team at The Pavilion is to prepare patients for navigating their own kitchens and laundry rooms when they return home from rehab care. In Mary’s case that preparation was particularly important because she has an upstairs bedroom and a basement laundry room. “I just consider all those stairs up and down my exercise,” she adds.

While no one would argue the most important criteria for selection of a great skilled nursing and rehabilitative therapy center is the quality of the care, Stewart also had good things to say about the accommodations. “The room was small, but comfortable. But the best thing about my stay was the food…and the bed!”

Let’s start with Mary’s animated description of the food: “It seemed like I had a choice of fish or chicken with almost every meal—and vegetables, of course.  The salmon, in particular, was excellent.The portions were very generous, but I found myself trying to finish it all. Even when my visiting daughter said that I didn’t have to clean my plate, I couldn’t resist.”

According to Mary, the sleeping arrangements were good too: “The bed was adjustable. I could raise my legs and my back to stay comfortable. Naturally, like anyone, I was anxious to get back to my own bed. But I kind of miss that adjustable bed.”

At the end of Stewart’s one-month recuperative stay in the Road to Recovery program at The Pavilion at Greenwood Village South, she was confident on her feet and needing her cane only occasionally on uneven pavement.

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